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Beauty Illusions by Danilee3240 Beauty Illusions by Danilee3240
Now includes both genders!

Everybody is beautiful
Every body is beautiful.

Research on Cultural Standards of Beauty....ect.

1. Social Research Centre: Mirror Mirror: A summary of research findings on body image: [link]
2. Top documentary films: Killing us Softly: [link]
3. Documentary Heaven: Male insecurity: [link]
4. Illusion of female fitness: [link]
5. Body building, Male Modeling, Insecurity, and Sexuality: [link]
6. Gender Across Border, American Celebrities miss the big picture: [link]
7. PBS - Perfect Illusion: [link]
8. Gender Across Borders: Dissection Beauty: Cannons of Beauty: [link]
9. Beyond Jane Dangerous Beauty Trends [link]
10. New Vision Uganda News by History: [link]
11. Beauty Trends by History: which one are you?: [link]
12. NPR Painful memories for China's Foot Binding Survivors: [link]
13: SF Museum Chinese Foot Binding: [link]
14. Media Awareness: Beauty and the Body Image: [link]
15. Western Standards of Beauty: [link]


Comments disabled. Many apologies, I wish not to start a flame war of all genders and body types on this stamp. This is merely to state a cause, not spark fights and hurt feelings. Many apologies once more!

If you have a problem and some information seems out of date, please note me. I am more willing to make a compromise.
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March 16, 2010
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